Chapter 3: Unconditional Surrender


      2.    Have you ever been offended at God? Did you ever suspicion that He was in on your pain, or trying to punish you? 

Did you think it was God’s will for you to have a hard life? Explain.

      3.  The way I had been living was a futile attempt at life management. It wasn’t working; it never had worked; and it was never going to work.

Have you had to acknowledge that your life management skills DO NOT WORK?


      4. My life had been falling apart for a very long time, but I hadn’t wanted to admit it.”

Have you found yourself in this place? Explain. What happened?

      5.   “How had I allowed myself to get in this mess?”

Have you ever asked yourself this question? What was your answer.

Did you take responsibility?

      6.    “When I made the decision to return home, I did so with questions unanswered and problems unsolved.”

What questions do you have that are unanswered?

What problems do you have that are unsolved?

Can you move forward without resolving these? How?

      7.   “Not only did I not know what to do with myself, I couldn’t imagine what God would do with me, either—and I was scared to think of what that might be…”

Have you ever thought you’d be useless to the Lord? What do you think now? 

      8.    There are no conditions to your Relationship with God.  TRUE/FALSE

      9.    The religious view says that you must clean up your act before you can become a Christian.  

Have you believed this in the past? What about now? Explain.

      10.   “Perhaps you’ve heard it preached that a new believer should be so transformed at salvation that they no longer sin!”

Explain why this is not true.

      11.   Coming to God with your mess in tow is an act of submission and unconditional ____________________________.

      12.   When you surrender your life to Jesus, you surrender the mess along with all the rest of you. It might surprise you to know that God insists on this. Actually, it’s part of the ____________.



Why do you think the Lord insists that we COME AS WE ARE?



Keep going—you're doing great!

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