1: The Beginning of Freedom

1.  Truth is not subject to human judgment, but it’s about ____________ perspective.


2.  Why do people lie to themselves?


3.  Have you ever lied to yourself about your experiences in life and your relationships in order to survive? When? Describe what happened. 


4.  The key word associated with Truth is courage.”

Why does it take courage to get real?


5.  Write out Ephesians 6:13-14: 


6.   The warrior’s belt was a working piece of equipment designed to:

     a. hold everything together

     b. completely circumference the body of the warrior

     c. carry a sheath for the sword

     d. all of the above


7.   There is no negotiation with Truth.” We must accept Truth AS IS. 

What does this mean?


8.   When is the Truth relevant?


9.  “The Belt of Truth must have a snug fit.”

Why must we keep it tight?

What happens when we don’t keep it tight?


10.  Have you ever felt that your life was veering out of control? What happened?


11.   The belt and the sword (the Truth and the Word) are so closely connected, they are very much one and the same.  TRUE or FALSE


12.  Those with a heart bondage sometimes have faulty assumptions about:

     a. people

     b. relationships

     c. life in general

     d. God

     e. all of the the above


BONUS QUESTION: Can you admit that you may have been wrong at times in how you’ve viewed the world—people, relationships, life…yourself, even God? Explain.



Truth is about God's perspective!

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