#1: Introduction to Truth

1.   The Belt of Truth (Ephesians 6) is not about the Word of God. It’s about YOU.

2.   There is often a disconnect between the Word of God and us. When that happens, the disconnect is with us. It’s never with God, because God’s character is flawless and His Word is infallible.

3.   Many Christians have access to the Truth (the Word of God), yet they are still broken. 

4.   The Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13:3-9) is about the condition of the human heart.

The seeds = the Word of God

The ground = the heart

The hardened path = hearts that have been hardened against God, sometimes through dysfunctional life experiences

The good ground = hearts that have been prepared to receive the seed (the Word)

 5.   Our hearts can be hardened against God unintentionally, when we allow difficult and dysfunctional life experiences to tell us who God is. This is what it sounds like:

“If God loved me, why did He allow that to happen?”

“If God is really good, why…?”

“If God cared, why….?”

6.   Small children see God through their parents. Their mental image of God is formed through their experiences and relationship with mommy and daddy.

7.   Childhood trauma (abuse, neglect, and adverse childhood conditions) results in dysfunction later in life. Adult dysfunction endorses the faulty perceptions we formulated as children. 

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