1: The Beginning of Freedom

1. Truth is not subject to human judgment, but it’s about ____________ perspective.

2. Write out Ephesians 6:13-14:


3. The warrior’s belt was a working piece of equipment: 

   a. designed for function, not fashion

   b. used to hold everything together (the tunic and breastplate) 

   c. carry a sheath for the sword

   d. all of the above

4. “There is no negotiation with Truth.  We must accept Truth AS IS.” Why?


5. “There is no place for exclusions in Truth.” When is the Truth relevant in your life?


6. “The Belt of Truth must have a snug fit.” Why must we keep it tight?


7. Those who begin this quest for emotional freedom often approach the starting line with the sobering knowledge that their lives have veered out of control.”

     Do you feel your life has veered out of control? If so, how?


8.  The belt carried a sheath for the sword (which represents the Word of God). This means:

     a) The Truth and the Word are so closely connected, they are very much one and the same.

     b) The Word of God and Truth are inseparable.

     c) When you’re tight with the Truth, the Word is always close at hand.

     d) All of the above.

9. “We cannot create our own Truth.” Why not?


10. “Truth (getting real) is vital in the application of God’s Word.”

     Explain what you think this means.


11. “We may have to admit we have been wrong at times in the way we’ve viewed the world.” —about people, relationships, life… about ourselves, even about God.

     Can you admit that perhaps you’ve been guilty of this? How? 


12.The keyword to Truth is ________________.


BONUS QUESTION: Who do you know whose life is completely out of control right now? If you were to give them one piece of advice, what would it be?

Truth is about God's perspective!

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