2: Two Bodies of Evidence

1.  “Many people lie to themselves about their experiences in life and in their relationships in order to survive.”

Have you lied to yourself about your experiences or relationships? If so, tell about it. How did it help you survive?


2.   Circle the following statements that are correct:

     a. Christians have as many problems and as much dysfunction in their lives as unbelievers.

     b. Conceding to a concept of righteousness and memorizing some scripture is not enough

to close the gap between the way things should be and the way things are. 

     c.  Embracing the Truth according to God’s perspective will begin to close the gap.

     d.  All the above

3.  Write out John 8:32: 


4.   At the beginning of Gideon’s story, Gideon had three notable characteristics. They were: 

     1. __________________________________________________

     2. __________________________________________________

     3. __________________________________________________ 

5.   Define COURAGE. 


6.   Has there been a time in your life when you were FEARFUL and acted like a coward—when you ran from your fears and your pain, and did not do what you should have done? Tell about that. 

I was fearful when I ______________________________________________.

Now tell about a time when you have been COURAGEOUS—when you did what you needed to do, even when afraid. 

     I was courageous when I __________________________________________. 

7.   It is okay to be afraid.  TRUE or FALSE 

8.   Gideon was CONFUSED because what He had been taught did not seem to add up to his experience. This was not the way things were supposed to be! Can you relate with this in your own life? If so, explain. 


9.  Gideon had some real questions about God. Debbie did too. What questions did you
have? Circle the questions you’ve had from the list below, and fill in the blank for any questions you had that are not listed: 

     a. God, where are You?
     b. Why is God allowing all this to happen to me?
     c. Is God doing this to me?
     d. Is this the Lord’s will for my life?
     e. Does God love me (as much as He loves other people)? 

     f. _______________________________________ 

     How can you get real about these questions and yet trust that God will not be offended?


10.  The word DYSFUNCTIONAL means to function in an inhibited manner, in a ____________ kind of way. 

Name one way your life been DYSFUNCTIONAL.


11.  How have you managed to function in your dysfunction? 


12. Living with a heart bondage is a lot like threshing wheat in a ____________________. 


BONUS QUESTION: Why do you think God chose Gideon instead of someone else?

You can be courageous even when afraid!

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