4: Spiritual Law and the Kingdom of God



2.  Why is it important that we understand the nature of God (and Satan too)?


3.   Everything God does with humans is simple. If it’s complicated, it’s probably not ______.


4.   What is SPIRITUAL LAW?


5.   The enemy is more than willing to take advantage of any misconceptions you may have about spiritual matters because that’s just the kind of thing that makes deception so easy for him. TRUE or FALSE


6.   The nature of God is the core and foundation of all Truth. TRUE or FALSE


7.  Complete the descriptions of Spiritual Laws #1-3 that we learned in Instead of Shame:

     SPIRITUAL LAW #1: God’s Word is ________________. He will not go back on His Word.

     SPIRITUAL LAW #2: The Kingdom of God is ______________________.

     SPIRITUAL LAW #3: Every person is created as a free moral agent with the power of ______.


8.   Spiritual Law #4:  God is ________________.

     Write out Numbers 23:19 below:

     Write out John 14:6 below:


9.   Spiritual Law #5:  God is ________________.

     Write out 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 below:


10.   Spiritual Law #6:  God is ________________.

     When the light of Truth shines on the darkness, it exposes the lies and fear which attempt to keep people bound. TRUE or FALSE

     Write out 1 John 1:5 below:


11.   Spiritual Law #7:  God is ________________.

     The goodness of God is a hallmark of divine nature. TRUE or FALSE

     Write out James 1:17 below:


12.  Spiritual Law #8:  God is _______________________.

     The nature of God is not based on what we do or who we are. TRUE or FALSE

     Write out 2 Timothy 2:13 below:

     When have you been “faithless?” What did the Lord do? Did it change God any? Explain.



BONUS QUESTION: Write out this statement:

The nature of God is permanent and will never change. What God says is written in ETERNAL STONE. Nothing I could ever do will change the way God does things. 


Spiritual Law is what God says!

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