6: Truth Vs Fact

1. The Truth and the facts are not always the same thing. TRUE or FALSE

     Describe FACTS:

     Describe TRUTH:

2.  Which of the following statements are correct?

     a) Not everything that happens is God’s will. 

     b) Not everything happens for a reason.

     c) “Whatever will be, will be” is not true.

     d) All of the above.

3.  Explain how your Truth and facts are part of your TWO BODIES OF EVIDENCE.

     Do they always agree? Explain.

4.   Some familiar terms in the Word of God that we can associate with Truth and facts are the flesh and the Spirit.

FACTS are associated with the __________ (sin nature, or lower nature)

TRUTH is associated with things of the ____________ (higher calling)

5.  Write out Romans 8:5 below:   

6.  The first thing we must do as we approach our Truth and our facts is to:

     a) Compare our facts with others’ facts.

     b) Repent again and again every time we think about our past mistakes.

     c) Pretend our facts never happened.

     d) Acknowledge our facts with courage.

7.  Make a list. On the left side of the page, list your FACTS. On the right, your TRUTH.  

     Circle those facts that may qualify as TRUTH. 

     Why are these statements possibly Truth and not just facts?

     If they are indeed Truth, move them to the right.

8. “Every statement of fact has a corresponding statement of Truth.”

     Refer to your list of facts. Place an X by each fact that does not agree with your Truth. 

     Decide: What is the corresponding statement of Truth for that fact?

     Write the statement of Truth, and provide at least one scripture as evidence.

9.    “The Truth is always superior to the facts.”

     Look again at your list of facts. Circle three that you consider your most FORMIDABLE FACTS. 

     What is the Truth about these three facts, and how is the Truth superior? Provide at least one scripture as evidence.

10.    “Facts are created from decision and consequence, while Truth is born of purpose and design.” 

     Refer to your three formidable facts of Question #9, above. How were those facts created? Circle the answer below, then explain your answer.

     a. created by me

     b. by others

     c. my me, but I had help

     d. by consequence

     e. other: _______________________________

11.    “Facts can change, but Truth never changes.”

     Survey your fact list. Underline each fact that is CHANGEABLE.

     Look again. Double underline those facts you DO WISH to change.

     Make a note: For those facts you wish to change, what would it take for change to occur?

12.  Consider your corresponding Truth to your three most formidable facts. 

     Can you believe it and stand on it?

     Has it always been there? If so, did you miss connecting with that Truth until now—and if so, how?


BONUS QUESTION: Why is it important that we focus on our Truth?

     How can you focus on the Truth concerning your three most formidable facts? 

Acknowledge the facts with courage!

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