7: Your Personal Truth

1. “Truth applies to you personally because you were created as a statement of God’s Truth.”

Explain what you think this means.


2.   Circle all the statements below that are true:

     a. God designs each person as an individual with a unique purpose on their life, like a divine assignment.

     b. One’s purpose connects to the initial assignment of mankind—to expand the Kingdom of God on the Earth.   

     c. You don’t have to know what your purpose is yet.

     d. You may have more than one purpose (or divine assignment).

     e. All the above


3.   Write out Isaiah 46:9-10 below:



Have you ever created anything with the end in mind? Explain.


5.  Write out Hebrews 13:20-21 below:


6.   One’s personal Truth is defined by:

1) ________________

2) _______________

3) _______________


7.  “Your purpose and assignment, all your awesome gifts and talents, and your personality speak louder than any collection of facts. That is the Truth about you.”

In the exercises below, describe your own PERSONAL TRUTH as well as you can.

Think about how are you “equipped” to accomplish your purpose or divine assignment. 

Make a list of your gifts, talents, and abilities; and describe your personality below:

     Gifts: __________________________________________________

     Talents: ________________________________________________

     Abilities (skills, etc): _____________________________________

Describe your personality:


8.   Write out 1 Timothy 2:3-4 below:


9.  Below are listed several statements about individual traits (gifts, talents, abilities, and personality). Circle all that are true.

     a. If you have a gift, Heaven has ordained you to use it. 

     b. We don’t choose a calling like we would a career; instead, God does the choosing.

     c. With a divine calling comes an anointing.

     d. All the above.


10.  Your personal Truth isn’t just about what you can do; it’s about _______ ______ ______.


11.  How does your own personal Truth enable you to contribute and help to bring the Kingdom of God to the Earth?


12.   Write out Numbers 23:19 below:


     What is Spiritual Law #9?



BONUS QUESTION: How can you change your personal Truth?


You are a statement of God's Truth!

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