8: What God Can Use

 1. Your Kingdom value is not determined by how well you have your act together. TRUE or FALSE


2.   If you have made Jesus Christ LORD of your life, that means: __________________________________________


3.   How can we be assured that the devil will use our facts against us?


4.   Write out Romans 8:28 below:


5.   Has there ever been a bad situation in your life (or family) that happened, but something good came of it? Tell about it.


     At the time, did you think that perhaps God was in on it from the start? If so, explain.


6.   Looking again at your three most formidable facts, how might God use those facts? Give an answer for each one:

     1. ___________________________________________________________

     2. ___________________________________________________________

     3. ___________________________________________________________


7.  Does God let bad things happen to teach people a lesson? YES or NO

     Explain your answer.


8.  As we learn how God uses our Truth and our facts, we must:

     a. Remember what the Word says about the nature of God.

     b. Keep our heart right, resisting bitterness and anger.

     c. Take confidence in the promise.

     d. All of the above.


9.   Debbie says that letting go of the past was difficult for her because she had so much invested in her past. She says the threat of loss can keep people holding on. 

     What have you invested in your past that you are hesitant to let go? —and how can you make the decision to release it? (Hint: Romans 8:28)


10.  Nothing can deter God’s purpose on your life. TRUE or FALSE 


11. When people feel like “it’s over,” they almost always feel that way because of certain facts, such as:

     a. they’ve made so many mistakes

     b. so much time has passed

     c. they’ve experience severe loss

     d. discouragement

     e. disappointment in themselves (failures)

     f. disappointment in others (loss of trust)

     g. they think they missed their purpose


     Which of the above facts have you experienced?

     Which of the above facts are more powerful than the Truth? Circle them.

     Which of the above facts are subject to Romans 8:28? Underline them.


12. It’s not over until God says ________ ____________.


BONUS QUESTION: Do you really believe that God is for you, and not against you? Explain. (Note: Don’t be nice about this, be honest.)


Using all things to our good is God's way of doing things!

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