9: The Trouble With Facts

  1. When believers are fact-led, they are not Spirit-led and can be easily misled.”

When have you been fact-led? What happened?


2.    The facts try to take control of you life in three ways. Circle the correct answers below:

     a. The facts try to direct your life.

     b. The facts try to identify you.

     c. The facts create more facts.

     d. All of the above


3.   Look again at your fact list. What did your three most formidable facts have to say about you? How did they IDENTIFY you?


4.  “The unchanging nature of our spiritual identity is a reflection of God’s unchanging and eternal nature.”

Why is this so, and what does it mean for you personally?

How does this statement address your answers to Question 3, above?


5.   Write out Psalm 103:10:

List three human conditions you would consider an INIQUITY. Circle any you have experienced personally.


6.  “Facts create more facts.” 

Considering your three most formidable facts: Were they proceeded by previous facts that led to their occurrence? Make a list of timeline events that led up to your three most formidable facts to discover a connection between them and previous facts or decisions.


7.  We can manage our facts by:

     a. Acknowledging them, accepting them, and ignoring them responsibly

     b. Pretending they aren’t there

     c. Blaming our facts on someone else

     d. Hoping they’ll go away


8.  “Try to acknowledge your facts without getting your emotions involved.”

Why is this important? Do you think you can do it—and if so, how?


9.  Look again at your facts. Are there any that would attempt to impose limitations on your life and identity? List them below.

Can you accept these facts without accepting the limitations they might impose? How?


10.  Acknowledging the facts with faith and courage helps to keep things in perspective. TRUE or FALSE


11.  We can’t always control what happens, but we can control how we ________________.


12. Write out Romans 8:6 below:



BONUS QUESTION:  Can you commit to pursuing your Truth deliberately? Explain.


Choosing Truth is to focus on Truth!

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