What It's All About

Resolving Issues from Childhood to Attain Lasting Emotional Freedom

What is
The Freedom Class about?

The Freedom Class is an online classroom designed to help people deal with issues from childhood to attain emotional freedom. Participants are encouraged to resolve the pain of the past through the truth of God’s Word and embrace their unique God-given identity. This website is a companion to the four-volume Armor Series, developed to assist freedom seekers with simplicity and ease.

Who is a good candidate for The Freedom Class?

Over eighty percent of all people secretly struggle with pain from the past. Deep emotional scars are commonly created in the early years through childhood trauma—such as abuse, neglect, and adverse childhood conditions. These grown-up kids of abuse are often plagued by a sense of damaged self-worth. If you’ve been dragging around some baggage since you were a child, take a closer look. The Freedom Class could be what you’ve been looking for!

How do I begin?

How to begin? We’ve got the answers you need!  Proceed to the video below, THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER—and prepare to see your life change!

The Best Experience Ever

Click on the video above and discover if the Freedom Class is for you.
Debbie Miller
author, the Armor Series and the Freedom Class


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