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“Dealing with issues from childhood is front and center when it comes to emotional healing.”



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Debbie Wallace has a powerful message: Jesus Christ set me free! Once bound by shame and hopelessness, she suffered from a sense of unworthiness due to a difficult childhood. But after confronting her issues with the truth of God’s Word, she discovered a way out—a time-tested process that leads to profound and lasting emotional freedom. It is a path, Debbie says, of spiritual and emotional growth.    

Debbie is the author of the four-volume Armor Series, which addresses emotional bondage and serves as a guide to The Freedom Class. The seven-step process—link below—is detailed with her personal testimony, which she uses to lead others to freedom and see their testimonies become a living witness to her own story. “The process works,” she says, “because it’s God’s way of setting people free.”  

 Debbie has found that her story is relatable. She is convinced that the time is right for the church to get in shape to better influence the world, and the first order of business is freedom from the past. Debbie is delighted to share her story—and her victory—with others, so they may gain their freedom as well. 


Putting on the Full Armor of God to resolve the past and win victory over the darkness


Instead of Shame introduces the concept of attaining emotional freedom by resolving issues from childhood according to the truth of God’s Word. It concludes with an invitation to The Freedom Class.

The message is to get real and come as you are as Book Two approaches the essentials of Truth and Relationship with Jesus Christ as foundations to emotional health and well-being.


Book Three marries the practical with the spiritual as the Reader is encouraged to walk out their journey with Commitment and Endurance. The message is whatever it takes and go the distance.

The final steps which lead to freedom from the past are Trust, Hope, and Obedience. The message is to believe God, move on, and take a stand.  A final chapter on Freedom concludes the Series.

Instead of your shame, you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance. And so you will inherit a double portion in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours. ISAIAH 61:7   


to The Freedom Class

The Freedom Class is entirely personal. It’s about your life, your identity. It’s a place where you can boldly confront the pain of the past and permanently resolve your issues from childhood. Debbie says that if she can do it, you can do it—and she believes that what God did for her, He’ll do for you! If you’ve given up hope, dare to dream again. You can attain emotional freedom you never dreamed possible!

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You have your own personal authority. You can’t always control what happens, but you can control how you respond.


You can use your testimony to bless others, even when God isn’t finished with you yet!


Rejection begins with another’s insecurities, and it’s a form of sheer control. Rejection loudly proclaims, “This is who I say you are.”


Book One of the Armor Series

Instead of Shame introduces the concept of emotional healing by resolving issues from childhood. Direct and powerful, the book primarily addresses those suffering from low self-worth and the resulting dysfunction of emotional bondage initiated in the early years. The reader is encouraged to constructively confront the pain of the past to attain lasting emotional freedom. Instead of Shame concludes with an invitation to The Freedom Class, a scripturally sound seven-step process the author details with her personal testimony.   

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How can I become a Christian?

Jesus invited all that would to “come to me.” (Matthew 11:28) Becoming a follower of Christ is not a complicated matter, but a simple act of faith. If you would like to know more about becoming a Christian by receiving Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, let us help you!

Getting started is easy! This article explains exactly what to do.


The Freedom Class is an online classroom that helps people deal with issues from childhood to attain emotional freedom. Participants are encouraged to resolve the pain of the past through the truth of God’s Word and embrace their unique God-given identity. This website is a companion to the Armor Series, developed to assist freedom warriors with simplicity and ease.

The Armor Series is a sequence of four volumes approaching emotional health and well-being from a spiritual perspective. The seven-step process details putting on the Full Armor of God as presented in Ephesians 6. The seven steps presented in the Armor Series comprise the foundational structure which is The Freedom Class. 

Over eighty percent of all people secretly struggle with pain from the past. Deep emotional scars are commonly created in the early years through childhood trauma—such as abuse, neglect, and adverse childhood conditions. These grown-up kids of abuse are often plagued by low self-worth, self-contempt, and a general heaviness accompanied by confusion, depression, and anger.  

If you’ve been dragging around some baggage since you were a child—especially in the form of low self-worth, self-loathing, and self-contempt—take a closer look. The Freedom Class may be just what you’ve been waiting for!

Emotional bondage is generally understood as the inability to manage feelings or emotions. A sense of low self-worth is usually present, accompanied with deeply-embedded negative thought patterns, flawed mental habits, and substantial emotional pain. Those with emotional bondage often feel isolated, unworthy, and ill-equipped to meet the pressures of life. In The Freedom Class, we recognize these negative vibes as the symptoms of an identity crisis which is the driving force behind dysfunction. 

Emotional freedom is associated with a positive self-image, the ability to manage emotions, and sound psychological health. Those who possess emotional intelligence learn to experience happiness, increase their capacity to love, set healthy boundaries, and focus on the positives. Emotional freedom liberates one from fear and insecurity, and shifts the focus from seeking acceptance to self-acceptance. In The Freedom Class, we understand that emotional freedom is attained by connecting with our God-ordained identity, who God says we are, and we refuse to be defined by rejection or the opinions of others.

The Freedom Class online is free! Some products are available for purchase. 

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Meet Shannon!

“I didn’t fit in at home, I didn’t fit in at school, I didn’t really fit in anywhere… I worked so hard at trying to find someone who would love me.”

Debbie’s youngest daughter describes the pain of her childhood and how she attained her emotional freedom through The Freedom Class.


Read the stories of real people  who’ve engaged The Freedom Class, won their freedom, and now have their own testimony of victory to share. 

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