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with Debbie Wallace

Book 1: Instead of Shame

Attain Emotional Freedom by Resolving Issues from Childhood


* Book One, Instead of Shame 

* A Bible, paper or digital—whichever you prefer

* A notebook or journal for Workbook Pages

NOTE: Each chapter of Instead of Shame concludes with 13 questions called the Workbook. Printable copies of the Workbook Pages are available on the site. (See the link on the Bulletin Board—and also there are links attached to each chapter section below.) They make great journaling pages!

Instead of Shame introduces the concept of attaining emotional freedom by resolving issues from childhood according to the truth of God’s Word. It is Book One in the Armor Series.

Instead of Shame is available on Amazon in paperback or ebook. See the link on our Products Page!

Instead of Shame
Content and Workbook Guide

Part 1: The Heart Bondage


Welcome to The Freedom Class!

Chapter 1:
Brokenness and Breakthrough

Debbie’s story. 

Chapter 2:
It's All About the Heart

Our investigation of spiritual bondage begins with the cause and origin of emotional injury and how parental authority is key to the spiritual protection of a child. An extended portion of Debbie’s story completes the chapter.

Chapter 3:
Understanding Spiritual Bondage

In this chapter we observe the five classic characteristics of a heart bondage; how it is a consequence of rejection; why it is hostile to your personal authority, and how it attempts to threaten your identity.

Chapter 4:
How a Heart Bondage Works

This chapter reveals the intriguing ways a heart bondage works; how it guarantees dysfunction in the next generation; and how people respond to emotional injury.

The manifestations of a heart bondage always show up in dysfunctional lifestyles. This chapter lists the classic traits, along with other possibiities.

Part 2: The Journey

Congratulations! You've finished Book One!

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