Chapter 11: The Kingdom of God

1. From the time Jesus began His ministry until the time He ascended back into Heaven, Jesus talked about the ___________, the __________________, the __________________.


2.  Write out Matthew 6:33 below:


3.  Every kingdom has:

     a.  a king/queen

     b.  territory

     c.  citizens/subjects

     d.  a constitution

     e.  laws

     f.  all of the above


4.  What is Spiritual Law #1?


5.  What is Spiritual Law #2?


6.  Write out Luke 17:20-21 below:


7.  According to the above verse (Question #6), what did Jesus mean when He said that the Kingdom of God is within you? 


8. By studying the Bible, we can learn: 

     a.  God’s way of doing things 

     b.  what God has done 

     c.  what is important to God 

     d.  what God likes and dislikes 

     e.  what the Lord demands from His children 

     f. what God purposes for His people 

     g.  all of the above


9. Write out Ephesians 6:12 below:


10. “Satan desires to see the culture of hell manifested on the Earth.” 

What evidence of this can you see in our world today?


11. The kingdom of darkness is not and never was _____________ to the Kingdom of God.


12. “More than anything else you will ever do or become in your life, you are primarily a KINGDOM BUILDER.” 

Why do you think the devil wants you for his kingdom?




What can you do TODAY to expand the Kingdom of God on the Earth?


You are a kingdom builder!

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