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Book 1: Instead of Shame

Attain Emotional Freedom by Resolving Issues from Childhood

Instead of Shame introduces the concept of attaining emotional freedom by resolving issues from childhood according to the truth of God’s Word. Instead of Shame is the primary study guide for this class.

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Instead of Shame
Content and Workbook Guide

Part 1: The Heart Bondage

Feb 15


Greeting & Ground Rules
How This Works

Welcome to The Freedom Class!

Feb 22


Chapter 1:
Brokenness and Breakthrough

Chapter 2:
It's All About the Heart

Our investigation of spiritual bondage begins with the cause and origin of emotional injury and how parental authority is key to the spiritual protection of a child. An extended portion of Debbie’s story completes Chapter 2.

Mar 1


Chapter 3:
Understanding Spiritual Bondage

In this chapter we observe the five classic characteristics of a heart bondage; how a heart bondage is a consequence of rejection; why it’s hostile to your personal authority; and how it attempts to threaten your identity.

Mar 8


Chapter 4:
How a Heart Bondage Works

This chapter reveals the intriguing ways a heart bondage works; how it guarantees dysfunction in the next generation; and how people respond to emotional injury in different ways.

Mar 15


The manifestations of emotional bondage always emerge through dysfunctional lifestyles. This chapter lists the classic dysfunctions; explains how a bound person unconciously keeps the bondage operating; and why we must refuse to play the victim.

Mar 22


Chapter 6:
Types of Strongholds

There are different types of strongholds. In this chapter we observe the three primary distinctions between a heart bondage and a simple stronghold; and why there is only one kind of heart bondage.

Chapter 7:
Scriptural Foundation

In this chapter we discuss the scriptural view of a stronghold; the three parts of a person; why a heart bondage has such sticking power; and why getting saved doesn’t solve all our immediate needs.

Mar 29


Chapter 8:
The Truth Encounter

Here we discuss why most people do not receive emotional freedom instantly; how emotional bondage is broken through the power of the truth; how the the Apostle Paul instructs us to approach strongholds; and five things a heart bondage cannot do.

Apr 5


Chapter 9:
The Power of a Testimony

Your story matters! In this chapter we discuss the importance of sharing your testimony; why your story doesn’t have to be perfect; and how you can use your experiences to encourage others, even when God isn’t finished with you yet.

Part 2: The Journey

Apr 12


Chapter 10:
The Full Armor of God

Debbie introduces the Full Armor of God as the solution to emotional brokenness; why we must put on the Armor as directed by the Apostle Paul; and how to incorporate this spiritual armor as the essence of transformational change.

Apr 19


Chapter 11:
The Kingdom of God

You are a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven! In this chapter we will observe the characteristics of  a true monarchy; why we put Kingdom business first; the authority of spiritual law; and the original purpose of mankind on the Earth.

Apr 26


Chapter 12:
The Power of Choice

Although we cannot always control our cirumstances, we can control how we repond to situations out of our control. In this chapter we investigate our power of choice; understand that God doesn’t want robots in His Kingdom; and consider the tactics of spiritual warfare against strongholds.

May 3


Chapter 13:
A Measure of Grace

The Freedom Class is a powerful and effective course that leads to lasting emotional freedom. In this chapter we observe four things that The Freedom Class is not; and we recognize that God allows us to make our own choices.

Chapter 14:
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