Chapter 7: Scriptural Foundation

1.   Write out Colossians 1:13-14: 


2.   What does the Apostle Paul say we should do about strongholds?


3.    Which of the following is a stronghold?

     a. alcoholism

     b. drug addiction

     c. low self-worth

     d. a heart bondage

     e. all of the above


4.    What is the difference between a heart bondage and other strongholds?


5.    “Spiritual freedom and emotional freedom are two different things.” Why?


6.    Every person is composed of three parts:

     1. ________________________________

     2. ________________________________

     3. ________________________________


7.    The soul, or the heart, is the location of all spiritual battles. That’s why it’s called the ________________________.


8.    “The soul is where the heart bondage and all simple strongholds are attached.”

Why is this important?


9.    Events which are spiritual in nature flow through the:

     a. spirit region

     b. body

     c. soul (the mind, will, and emotions)

     d. all of the above


10.    Write out Romans 12:2:


11.    The soul region (the mind, will, and emotions) is naturally carnal (unspiritual) by nature, but it can be trained in spiritual matters. TRUE/FALSE


12.    “We need salvation in more than just one area. The spirit is transformed at salvation, but the soul must be transformed as well.”

What does it mean to TRANSFORM your mind? Why is it necessary?




We need to learn to think like __________________ thinks.


Can you learn to think like God thinks? Yes you can!

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