Chapter 12: The Power of Choice

1.   In the spiritual realm, there is no neutral ground.  You must choose between kingdoms.  TRUE / FALSE


2.   What is Spiritual Law #3:


3.   Describe a FREE MORAL AGENT.


4.   To function in the Kingdom of God effectively, one must be a willing __________________.


5.   Write out Deuteronomy 30:19:


6.   In the scripture above (Question #5), the two choices God gave the Israelites  were __________________________ or _______________________________.            


7.   “God granted the gift of choice to all humanity, knowing that people might use it for all the wrong reasons.” 

Have you ever used your gifts/talents/anointing for the wrong reasons? If so, explain. 

How can you change that to building the Kingdom of God?


8.   The devil wants to keep God’s children confused: 

     a.  just till they grow up 

     b.  as long as they are serving God 

     c.  until they turn 40 

     d.  throughout their lifetime


9.   Write this sentence:  I can choose the abundant life because I have the power of choice.


10.  Attaining emotional freedom involves spiritual warfare. TRUE / FALSE


11.  Write out 2 Corinthians 10:3-5:


12.  According to the above scripture (#11), the weapons of our warfare are for:

     a.  pulling down strongholds 

     b.  casting down arguments 

     c.  bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ 

     d.  all the above




Why are you a personal threat to the devil?


You are a personal threat to the kingdom of darkness!

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