Chapter 13: A Measure of Grace

1.   All your problems in life are not due to issues from childhood.  TRUE / FALSE


2.   God Himself doesn’t seem to put much stock in feelings.  Our God is an action God who says _______ and _______, not if you feel like it


3.   To successfully complete The Freedom Class, you should be concerned about: 

     a.  how long it takes 

     b.  what other people think about it 

     c.  your comfort level 

     d.  being offended by the material 

     e.  none of the above


4.    If it’s _________________________, it’s probably not God.


5.    Our ability to make decisions is one way we are most like God.  TRUE / FALSE


6.    When if comes to your life, God will:

     a.  let you make the call 

     b.  make the decision for you

     c.  get other people to decide

     d.  wait and see what happens

     e.  none of the above


7.  Have you ever made any decisions about your life that you knew the Lord did not approve?  List up to three below:

     1.  _____________________________________

     2.  _____________________________________

     3.  _____________________________________


8.   Write out Matthew 18:18:


9.    Do you believe God wants you to experience emotional freedom? Explain.


10.   Write this sentence below:  I can trust that God, the Maker of my soul, knows what it takes to bring victory to my situation and set me free from emotional bondage.


11.   God is the God of:

     a.  a second chance

     b.  a third chance

     c.  a fourth chance

     d.  another chance


12.   God’s way of doing things is the only way of doing things.  TRUE/FALSE




Perhaps you know someone who may receive hope through this book and Debbie’s message of emotional freedom. Do you think you can share it with them? If so, complete the sentence below.

I can share Instead of Shame with:  ______________________________________________.


God's way of doing things is the only way of doing things!

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