Chapter 10: The Full Armor of God

1.  See Ephesians 6:10-18. List the seven pieces of the Full Armor of God below:

     1. ____________________________________________

     2. ____________________________________________

     3. ____________________________________________

     4. ____________________________________________

     5. ____________________________________________

     6. ____________________________________________

     7. ____________________________________________


2.  In Ephesians, 6, the warrior represents the _______________.


3.  The Full Armor of God serves the purpose of: 

     a.  protecting the believer 

     b.  maturing the believer 

     c.  strengthening the believer 

     d.  all of the above


4.  The methods and schemes of the devil are unseen to the natural eye, so most people are unaware that they even exist. TRUE / FALSE


5.  Satan’s attack against people are:

     a.  haphazard

     b.  unplanned

     c.  coincidental

     d.  strategic


6.  Putting on the Full Armor of God means to be fully armed with the ___________________.


7.  Knowing a lot of scripture IS/IS NOT enough to win the victory over the enemy’s tactics.


8.  “Ephesians 6 gives us an illustration of dressing ourselves in spiritual garments. It’s a picture of application.”  

Why must we put on the Full Armor in the order given?


9.  When you’ve lost confidence in yourself, you can renew your faith in God. TRUE / FALSE


10.  When you outgrow the identity crisis, you will outgrow the _____________________ ________________________.


11.  Why is the Sword of the Spirit the last piece of Armor mentioned?


12.  Write this sentence below:  “Spiritual and emotional growth take time. I will give myself the time I need to embrace the process.”




The Freedom Class details putting on the Full Armor of God to attain lasting emotional freedom through spiritual and emotional growth.  

Why do you think EMOTIONAL GROWTH is necessary?  Why not just SPIRITUAL GROWTH?


We can never outdo, hurry up, or improve God's methods!

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