Chapter 9: The Power of a Testimony

1.  What is a TESTIMONY?


2.  Write out Revelation 12:11 below:


3.  According to the above scripture (Question #2), there are TWO ELEMENTS involved in overcoming. They are:

     1. ______________________________________________

     2. ______________________________________________


4.  Your story can bless and encourage others even when you know God isn’t finished with you yet.  TRUE / FALSE


5.  God wants us to need and interact with other people because He is a God of _____________________ and ______________________.


6.  Write out Hebrews 10:24-25 below:


7.  To share your story effectively, you should wait until: 

     a.  you get baptized 

     b.  you are perfect 

     c.  you get your act together 

     d.  you are dead 

     e.  none of the above


8.  Whose testimony have you read/heard that has encouraged and touched you significantly? (Someone you actually know, or someone you’ve met. Not a celebrity.) Why?


9.  God can use your testimony, even when:

     a.  you’re still struggling and don’t know how things are going to turn out

     b.  you’re not an expert

     c.  you’re not a spiritual leader

     d.  you think your story is boring or not very dramatic

     e.  all of the above


10.  What objections come to mind when you think about using your story to encourage others?

How can you overcome these objections?


11. If you were to share your story with others, what do you think would happen?   


12.  “The process in The Freedom Class works because it’s God’s way all the way.” 

Why is it important that we seek emotional freedom GOD’S WAY?



BONUS QUESTION: Copy this sentence:

I can use Debbie’s story as an example to receive my own freedom. What God did for her, He will do for me.


Someone needs to hear your story!

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