Chapter 8: The Truth Encounter

1.    What is a POWER ENCOUNTER?


2.    What is a TRUTH ENCOUNTER?


3.    The flow of the anointing comes through the spirit region, not the soul, where the heart bondage and all simple strongholds are located. TRUE/FALSE


4.    Write out John 8:3132:


5.    There is unparalleled power in the truth of God’s _________.


6.    How does one outgrow a heart bondage?


7.    A heart bondage cannot affect or change:

     a. your true identity

     b. your salvation

     c. your God-given gifts and talents

     d. your anointing

     e. your potential for success and achievement

     f. all of the above


8.    Why does the devil try to alter a person’s PERCEPTION of their own identity? 


9.    “Many sincere Christians have served God faithfully with a heart bondage intact. Teachers, deacons, praise leaders, Spirit-filled believers, Sunday school teachers, even pastors—people in every area of the church community—can and do have heart bondages.” 

How is this possible?


10.    Do you believe there is an anointing on your life? Explain.


11.    A heart bondage is nondiscriminatory, and it makes no distinction between people. That includes both men and women, rich and poor, all races, and all communities. TRUE/FALSE


12.    Why is it important that we understand the devil’s tactics?




“Remaining in a bound condition is not a viable option.” 

Explain why this is true, and what it means to you.


People of strong faith can and do have heart bondages!

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