Chapter 6: Types of Strongholds

1. What is a SIMPLE STRONGHOLD? Give three examples.

2. “All strongholds don’t have to be from the devil.” Why not?

3.    Anyone can create a simple stronghold, even those who don’t have a heart bondage. TRUE/FALSE

4.    What are the three main distinctions between a HEART BONDAGE and a SIMPLE STRONGHOLD?

     1. ___________________________________

     2. ___________________________________

     3. ___________________________________

5.    In the Workbook assignment for Chapter 5, Serious Symptoms, Question #3, you made a list of Serious Symptoms you’ve experienced in your life. Now return to that list and note the age you were when you began exhibiting the behavior associated with each of those Symptoms.

6.    A simple stronghold of gambling will result in a ___________ habit.

7.    As a student of freedom, you will recognize simple strongholds as the ___________________ ___________________ of a heart bondage.

8.    A heart bondage is the progenitor of simple strongholds. TRUE/FALSE

9.    “All heart bondages are exactly the same.” 

What is the only thing that differentiates one heart bondage from another?

10.    Why does it APPEAR that there are many different kinds of heart bondages?

11.    A heart bondage is a wicked spiritual device with chains of shame and hopelessness, and its function is to rob a person of their true God-given ________________________.

12.    Understanding a heart bondage is:

     a. uncomplicated

     b. uncomplicated

     c. uncomplicated

     d. all of the above



Refer to your list of personal Serious Symptoms (See Question #5). Which of these tend to run in your family? Could these be a manifestation of a generation curse?

There is only ONE KIND of heart bondage!

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