Chapter 4: How a Heart Bondage Works

1. Every heart bondage works the same way. TRUE/FALSE


2. A heart bondage is applied 

     a. at the time of brokenness 

     b. years after the abuse, when the effects of brokenness appear 

     c. when the child grows up 

     d. none of the above 

     e. all of the above


3. What is the purpose of the DICTATES (or instructions) of a heart bondage?


4. The behavior patterns of a heart bondage are implemented in the form of THOUGHT PROCESSES—simply a ___________ _________ _______________. 


5. Generational curses guarantee susceptibility to continuing dysfunction in: 

     a. the community

     b. the church

     c. the family

     d. groups of friends


6. Do you see a generational curse in your own family? If so, describe it. (Note: Look for similar dysfunctional behavior among family members of different ages.)


7. “A bound person will lose the ability to control their behavior in specific areas.” 

Have you experienced this in your own life? If so, explain.


8. The dysfunction dictated by a heart bondage is perpetual and cannot be ___________________ until it’s broken. This fact alone is probably the most perplexing trait of a heart bondage.


9. “Broken people almost always attract broken people.”

Have you witnessed this in your own life or in the lives of people you know? Explain. 


10. Why does a heart bondage feel so natural, like your own thoughts?


11. “A heart bondage operates secretly.” 

How does a heart bondage stay a secret?


12. Most people are not upset to discover that they have a heart bondage. TRUE/FALSE




What is your reaction to your new knowledge about the heart bondage? Explain.


Keep going...and encourage someone else!

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