Chapter 5: Serious Symptoms

1. Write out John 10:10 below:




3. See the list of Serious Symptoms provided in this chapter. Have you sustained any of these lifestyle conditions or behavior patterns in your life, either now or in the past? If so, which ones? (Include any you have experienced that are not on the list provided.)

Cross through those conditions that are no longer a problem for you. 

Underline the ones with which you still struggle. 

Place a check by the ones you are currently working on.

Circle any that you thought were just a part of your personality.


4. The three big predictors of a heart bondage are shame, hopelessness, and:

     a. low self-worth

     b. drug-addiction

     c. codependent behavior

     d. sexual promiscuity

     e. none of the above 


5. Many Serious Symptoms are obviously “bad” behavior. But some Serious Symptoms appear to be desirable personality traits. Name three below and circle any you’ve practiced. 


6. “Self-sacrifice without boundaries is a common Symptom of a heart bondage.” 

Does this sentence describe anyone you know? Who? Explain.


7. What is the difference between a temporary bout and a lifestyle condition?


8. What can happen when a person gets stuck in the Serious Symptoms? 

Has this ever happened to you? To someone you know? Describe what happened.


9. “The chains are there to impose the Symptoms, but they don’t actually touch the heart of the bound person.” 

Why is this good news? 


10. Once the heart bondage is broken, and the band falls away, what happens to the chains? 

Does this give you hope? Why?


11. “Although the presence of a heart bondage does promote negative thought patterns, every person is ultimately responsible for their own behavior.” 

Explain why we are NOT VICTIMS.

Can you take responsibility for your own mistakes? YES/NO


12. The effects of the Serious Symptoms can be significantly reduced by living in obedience to: 

     a. the law

     b. church rules

     c. what parents say

     d. the Word of God




Those who exhibit Serious Symptoms almost always have a heart bondage. TRUE/FALSE


Remember—We are not playing the victim!

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