Chapter 14: The Freedom Class Online

        Debbie Wallace

Thank you...

for joining me in The Freedom Class! I trust that the course of study in Instead of Shame has enlightened you, given you hope, and blessed you in a myriad of ways. I  hope you’ll share the Freedom Class with someone you know…someone who needs hope. This message is for all those who are tired of dragging around the weight of the past, ready to live in the light and joy of full spiritual maturity, ready to become all they’re meant to be. 

But alas, there is more! The Freedom Class continues to the next level, where you’ll have the opportunity to courageously answer the call to hope, stand in faith, and act on your newfound understanding. Just as we endeavored to comprehend emotional bondage in Instead of Shame, the next level of The Freedom Class will help you do the only logical thing: pull down those strongholds.

The seven steps of The Freedom Class are all available in video format. The process is

direct and powerful, and it will change your life. If you liked Instead of Shame, you’ll love what’s up next!
The primary element necessary for spiritual and emotional freedom is identity. We, as believers, must know who we are. Now is the time for the church (that’s us) to get in shape to influence the world, and the first order of business is freedom from the past. There’ll never be a better time than right now.
Consider this your personal invitation to journey with me into the seven steps of The Freedom Class. This is your time, your day. Your opportunity. Take my hand, and let’s begin. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do in your life!

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