Getting Real

Introduction to Step One: Truth

Content and Workbook Guide

Truth 1.0—It's the Real Thing

The Beginning of Freedom

Describe the video here. (14 min)

The Battle for Truth

In this video we meet Gideon, whose story is a classic revelation of Truth; discover the difference between Truth (faith) and evidence (experience); and learn not to be intimidated by fear, confusion, and dysfunction. (35 min)

Undisputed Realities

In this video we observe three characteristics that describe the discrepancy between our faith and our experience; discuss what to do with our Two Bodies of Evidence; and learn how to avoid the hindrances to GETTING REAL. (27 min)

Truth 2.0—Truth and Lies

Spiritual Law and the Kingdom of God

The nature and character of God are at the core of Truth. In this video, Debbie describes the importance of SPIRITUAL LAW and observes five characteristics of God’s nature that classify as such. (26 min)

This video describes the character and nature of Satan and the kingdom of darkness; deception and accusation; how we can discern between Truth and lies; and how to hear the voice of God. (26 min)

Truth 3.0—Truth Vs Fact

Truth Vs Fact

Learn to discern between Truth and facts. In this video we identify faulty thought patterns that can hinder emotional and spiritual growth; and take action to focus on the Truth, changing our perspectives from flesh-driven realities to Spirit-led hope and faith. (38 min)

Your Personal Truth

Debbie details the components of personal Truth and how it integrates each person into the community; the purpose of gifts and talents; and how we can be confident that God will not change His mind in the midst of adversity, chaos, and failure. (21 min)

What God Can Use

This video highlights Romans 8:28 and emphasizes how God uses the Truth AND the facts for our good; explains how we can know that God is not in on our pain; why it’s important to keep our heart right; and take confidence in the promise of God’s Word. It’s not over until God says it’s over! (21 min)

The Trouble with Facts

The trouble with facts is not that we have them; it’s the power we give them. In this video, Debbie discusses three ways our facts try to take control; three ways we can manage the facts; and why we must choose Truth over our facts if we are to emerge as victors over fear. (34 min)

Truth 4.0—Developing Your Spiritual Eyesight

Developing Your Spiritual Eyesight

Adopting God’s perspective will change our worldview—and our self-view! Debbie shares five factors of divine perception; how God chooses His team members; and why we must allow ourselves to become uncomfortable if we are to embrace genuine attitude adjustment. (39 min)

Truth 5.0—The Naked Truth

Congratulations! You've completed Step One!



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