Truth 2.0: Truth and Lies

1.   The nature of God is at the core of Truth. TRUE/FALSE


2.   What is SPIRITUAL LAW? 

     When is Spiritual Law applicable?

     When does Spiritual Law change?


3.   Complete this list of Spiritual Laws #1-8:

     Spiritual Law #1: God’s Word is ________________. He will not go back on His Word. 

     Spiritual Law #2: The Kingdom of God is ____________________.

     Spiritual Law #3: Every person is created as a free moral agent with the power of _____.

     Spiritual Law #4:  God is ________________.

     Spiritual Law #5:  God is ________________.

     Spiritual Law #6:  God is ________________.

     Spiritual Law #7:  God is ________________.

     Spiritual Law #8:  God is ________________.


4.  The nature of God is about who God is—It has nothing to do with who we are, and it has nothing to do with our behavior. TRUE/FALSE

     Write out 2 Timothy 2:13:

     When have you been “faithless?” What did the Lord do? Did it change God any at all? Explain. 


5.  When is the devil a liar? _________  ______  ___________.


6.  In the Bible, Satan is described as a:

a. deceiver

b. thief

c. liar

d. murderer

e. accuser

f. all the above


7.  “The enemy has one single weapon he consistently and relentlessly and mercilessly uses against mankind. Satan’s number one, all-time most used weapon against humanity is deception.”

What is deception, and why is it so dangerous?


8.   A lie is not always obvious. It may not look like a lie. It certainly isn’t going to come packaged with the word “deception” stamped on it.  TRUE or FALSE


9.   See the list of statements below. Circle the ones you have said (if only to yourself), and add additional ones that are not on the list.

     a. God is punishing me. He’s making me pay.

     b. God is mad at me.

     c. God thinks I’m a terrible person.

     d. God wants me to suffer.

     e. God doesn’t love me as much as He loves other people.

     f. I have disappointed God.

     g. God has something against me.

     h. ___________________________________________________

     In the list above, concerning the statements you have believed, can you now explain why those statements are not true? Are they what God would say? Do they agree with Spiritual Law?


10.   When you are trying to discern between a truth and a lie, one simple test is to ask yourself, _________________________________________________________?


11.   When seeking to recognize God’s voice, there are three things we should do:

     1. ___________________________________________________________

     2. ___________________________________________________________

     3. ___________________________________________________________


12.   “The enemy will attempt to get people to confuse his own voice with the voice of God. Quite often he’ll even provide some bits and pieces of scripture to back it up!”

Which of the statements below fit this description?

     a. I must not be a good Christian because I failed at something really important. The Bible says we can do all things through Christ.

     b. The Word says born-again believers are “new creatures” in Christ. So if I was really saved, I wouldn’t struggle with the same old sins over and over again.

     c. I have repented of my sin, but I think God is punishing me for it anyway, because I had to pay a fine. That makes sense because the Bible says God disciplines those He loves.

     d. I struggle with sin, just like everyone else. But the Bible says there is no condemnation in Christ, and it also says the mercies of God a new every morning. God will give me another chance!



BONUS QUESTION: Think about one time when you were deceived. Tell about it. What happened?



The nature of God is at the core of Truth!

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