Truth 3.0—Truth Vs Fact

1. What are FACTS? What is TRUTH? And what is the difference between the two?





2.    List 25 facts about yourself. 

     Looking at your list of facts, circle those that qualify as TRUTH. 

     Of those circled, why are these statements TRUTH—and not just facts?


3.   The Truth is always superior to the facts. TRUE or FALSE


4.  “Your purpose and assignment, all your awesome gifts and talents, and your personality speak louder than any collection of facts. That is the Truth about you.”

     Describe your own PERSONAL TRUTH as much as you can.

     How are you are “equipped” to complete your assignment, or purpose? (See Hebrews 13:20-21)


5.   “Every statement of fact has a corresponding statement of Truth.”

     Refer to your list of facts (Question #2). Underline three that you consider the most formidable (or troublesome). 

     How were those facts created? (By you, by others, by consequence, etc. Did you have help?)

     What is the Truth about those three facts, and how is the Truth SUPERIOR?


6.    Which of the follow statements are true:

     a. The facts are easy, but the Truth must be found.

     b. Facts are created from decision and consequence, while Truth is born of purpose and design.

     c. Facts can change, but Truth never changes.

     d. Facts often appear to make sense, but the Truth may seem illogical.

     e. All the above.


7.   When believers are fact-led, they are not Spirit-led and can be easily misled.”

     Look again at your three most formidable facts.

     How have these facts tried to take control or direct your life? 

     How have they tried to identify you?

     Have these facts created more facts?


8.   We can manage our facts by:

     a. Acknowledging them, accepting them, and ignoring them

     b. Trying to make sense of them

     c. Blaming our facts on someone else

     d. Hoping they’ll go away if we ignore them long enough


9.  “Try to acknowledge your facts without getting your emotions involved.”

     Why is this important? Do you think you can do it?


10.  Look again at your three most formidable facts. 

     Are they changeable or unchangeable? 

     What limitations have they tried to impose on your life and identity? 

     Can you accept your unchangeable facts without accepting those limitations? How? 


11.  “Many of our facts involve other people and the acts they perpetrated against us.”

     Have you always been fair to yourself? Explain.

     Can you JUDGE THE ACTIONS of those who harmed you WITHOUT CONDEMNING THEM? How?


12.  How can you choose Truth over your facts?



BONUS QUESTION: Debbie says acknowledging the facts will destroy you if you don’t let God in it with you. Why do you think this is true, and how can you make sure you get it right?



The Truth is always superior to the facts!

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