Truth 5.0—The Naked Truth

1.   Write out 1 Corinthians 11:31-32 below:


2.    When we judge our hearts, we first examine our 1) MOTIVE, 2) INTENT, AND 3) DESIRE. Assign the correct numbers to the definitions below: 

        ___ Provides the initiative (what you mean to accomplish through your actions). 

        ___ Provides the direction. It is the things you want.

        ___ Provides the initiative. (our reason for performing a given action.

     Of these three (Motive, Intent, Desire), which is the most important?

     Who have you known that had desires that were dangerous or destructive? What happened?

     What desires have you entertained that led you into trouble?


3.   What is the difference between genuine DESIRES and TEMPTATION?






     When have you made EXCUSES for something you did/didn’t do? When have you made excuses for the bad behavior of others? (Ex: when they treated you badly or coaxed you to do things you knew you shouldn’t.) Why did you feel the need to make these excuses?

     When have you been in DENIAL about something important? Tell what happened.

     When you were making the biggest mistake of your life, how did you RATIONALIZE it? (Blame others, explain it away, misinterpret the situation, etc.)

     What might have happened if you’d been honest with yourself in each of these situations?


5.   Name one thing that got a foothold in your life—something that might have never become a problem if you’d just said NO the first time. Tell what happened.


6.   Manipulators use certain tactics to get their way. Circle the ones that apply:

     a. threats and intimidation

     b. fear

     c. charm

     d. sexual attraction

     e. fits of rage

     f. sympathy

     g. pouting

     h. tears

     i. anything else that might move their target

     j. all of the above

     Have you ever done any of these things to get your way? Underline the ones that apply. Write in any that are not on the list.


7.   Manipulators rely on relationship to get what they want. TRUE/FALSE


8.   Who do you know that you would consider a manipulator or narcissist? Describe them.

     How has your relationship been affected by their controlling tendencies?



     Have you ever been a codependent partner—or an enabler? Explain.

     Tell about someone you know who has been an enabler in a codependent relationship.


10.   Circle all the following statements that are true:

     a. Boys and girls are equally susceptible to emotional injury in childhood.

     b. Men and women respond to emotional injury in different ways.

     c. Characteristics of dysfunction that plague amorous relationships are often evidence of deep emotional scars from childhood.

     d. All the above


11. “Those with a heart bondage will attract those who are broken. Male and female, brokenness recognizes brokenness in ways we cannot comprehend.” 

     When have you observed broken people ATTRACTING broken people? Has it happened to you? Describe what happened—both in your life and in the life of someone you know.


12.  “Truth does not demand immediate resolutions.”

     Why is important that you do not try to “fix it”?

     How can you GET REAL about your experiences and relationships without trying to fix it?



BONUS QUESTION: Who can you tell about your shame? Who can you share your story with? How will it help you to “confess your faults?” (James 5:16)


Survivors fight to cope—Warriors fight to win!

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