A guideline to help with the Workbook applications

Fact: Something known to exist or to have happened; a reality 

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Eye color—Hair color—Height—Weight—Race—Gender, etc.

HISTORY: Date of birth—Place of birth—Where you grew up—Schools you attended—Education—Churches attended, etc.

FAMILY: Parents—Siblings—Where were you fit into your family—Disabilities, illnesses, or mental illness—Financial and economic status—Living conditions—Addictions or alcoholism among family members—Anything you can tell about your family, etc.

CHILDHOOD: Events, large and small—Relationships with family and friends—Dysfunction and how you coped (with poverty or abuse, for example)—Demands and expectations of parents and grandparents, etc.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Career, awards, titles, personal goals, etc.

FAILURES: Poor attitudes, bad decisions, financial failure, addictions, rebellion, arrests, jail or prison time, loss of custody of children, etc.

What happened in your childhood that you cannot forget? How did you respond? How did you plan, in your mind as a child, to deal with it? Did you think it would affect your life? 

What was your relationship like with your parents? Did you have issues with one or both parents? What happened, and how did you cope? 

If one parent abused you, who besides you knew about it, and what did they do about it? Did your other parent know? Did they believe you when you reported the abuse?

Did anyone take advantage of you when you were young? Tell about that, and how you responded.

Were you neglected as a child? If so, tell about that. How did you cope?

ADULT LIFE: Marriage status, previous marriages, children, major milestones in your life, health conditions concerning you and your family, job/career, goals for the future, etc.

What accomplishments are you most proud of in your life? Children, family, personal accomplishments, awards and titles, education, character development, overcoming challenges, financial accomplishments, business, etc. This can be anything you’ve done that you’re happy about. These are happy facts!

What challenges have you faced as an adult? Chemical addictions, alcoholism, poor money management, obesity, lack of motivation, problems with punctuality, habitual lying, other detrimental habits, etc.

What is your relationship with Jesus Christ? Tell about that. Do you attend church regularly? Do you read the Bible? Do you pray?

Do you feel you can be transparent with God? Can you be open and honest with the Lord about what happened in your childhood, the things you’ve done, and who you are?

Do you feel you can trust God? Be real about this. The Lord is never offended by our honesty.


Be courageous—You can do it!


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