PART 3: Position, Authority, and the Blessing of Privilege

1.   Define POSITION.

2.   Greater authority does not mean greater worth. TRUE/FALSE

3.     There are seven principles of authority. List them below:

1. ____________________________________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________________________________


4. ____________________________________________________________________ 

5. ____________________________________________________________________

6. ____________________________________________________________________

7. ____________________________________________________________________

Have you been afraid of authority? Explain.

4.     What is FALSE AUTHORITY? 

When have you ever seen false authority at work?

How did your experience with false authority formulate your outlook on life?

Have you had trouble accepting and abiding under authority? Explain.

5.  Describe SUBMISSION. 

How have you previously defined SUBMISSION? 

How did your thoughts on submission formulate your attitudes and beliefs about authority?

6.    Authority is necessary for order and harmony.” Describe the times when your life has been out of order. 

Did you reject authority? Explain.

When did the correct authorities over your life fail you? Tell what happened.

7.    Name three things that you have some authority over:

1. __________________________________________

2. __________________________________________

3. __________________________________________

8.    Fill in the blanks below:

RIGHTEOUSNESS — a ____________ standing as a child of God

RIGHT-STANDING —  an _______________ fellowship with God, correct alignment with Heaven and with the Word of God; results in a working Relationship.

9.   Which requires the most responsibility? Why?

a) Being born-again

b) Relationship with Christ

10.   Write out John 14:13-14 and  Philippians 2:9-10 below, then write Spiritual Law #16.

Explain what they all have in common.

11. Circle all statements that are true:

a) Spiritual authority belongs to every believer whether or not they know it. 

b) Many believers live in fear because they don’t realize that they have any power at all.

c) The devil does not have the right to do whatever he wants to do, whenever he wants to. 

d) The devil cannot do anything without your permission.

e) All the above.

12. The name of Jesus gives us our authority, but it is the _________ of Jesus that cleanses us from sin and makes us righteous. The _________ was the payment that made Heaven’s plan for man possible.


BONUS QUESTION: Why is your inheritance (promise of eternal life) not enough to get you through?

A genuine Relationship with Jesus Christ will change you!

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