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Relationship 1.0: Relationship First

1.  “Relationship is about getting your heart right, not getting your life right.”

If you were to get your life right, what would you have to do to clean up before you’d be good enough? Have you tried to attain this already? What happened?

What does come as you are mean in your life?

2.    What is the difference between a legal claim to Relationship and a working Relationship?

3.    Righteousness is a matter of:

a. good works

b. influence

c. money and power

d. how long you’ve been saved

e. the heart

4.  The younger son’s problems began long before he left home. At the basic level, his biggest problem was his _____________.

5. “He didn’t like the estate, he didn’t like the people who ran it, and he didn’t want to be like them. He refused to conform because he didn’t like conformity. He didn’t accept the patterns of conduct established on the estatebecause he didn’t like the culture. There were too many rules crimping his style, and he didn’t like that, either. In fact, the only thing he did like was the privileges.

Have you ever had similar thoughts? Re-write the statement above. Replace the underlined works with words that would describe your feelings and experience.

What was wrong with your attitude? Did you believe your feelings were justified? Were you rebellious?

What was the result of your rebellion?

6.   Have you had a PIGPEN experience? Tell about it. (Note: Some would call this hitting bottom.)

Did hitting bottom initiate change in your life? Explain.

7.   The Prodigal Son found that his inheritance wasn’t enough. Why is the promise of eternal life not enough to get you through in this life?

8.    Have you been offended at God? Have you suspicioned that He preferred others over you? Did you think He was in on your pain, or punishing you? Tell about it.

9.  The way I had been living was a futile attempt at life management. It wasn’t working; it never had worked; and it was never going to work.

Can you acknowledge that your life management skills DO NOT WORK? How?

10.   “He’d lost more than just his inheritance; he’d lost his dignity. This boy had been changed.”

How did sin change you? What did it cost you?

What do you need to see restored?

What might happen when you come as you are and enter into a genuine Relationship with Jesus Christ? What do you hope will happen?

11.    “When I made the decision to return home, I did so with questions unanswered and problems unsolved.”

What questions do you have that are unanswered?

What problems do you have that are unsolved?

Can you move forward without resolving these issues? How?

12.   When you surrender your life to Jesus, you surrender the mess along with all the rest of you. It might surprise you to know that God insists on this. Actually, it’s part of the ____________.


BONUS QUESTION: “This young man was forced to get real with himself. Nothing was going to change unless he did some things differently.”

What must you do differently to see change in your life? 

Relationship 2.0: A Tale of Two Kingdoms

1.    The kingdom of this world is another way of saying the kingdom of _____________.

2.    What is the DOMINION of mankind?

In giving mankind DOMINION, how did God lock himself out of the boardroom?

3.     “Satan’s claim to dominion is spiritually illegal because he attained it through illegal means—through misleading, lying, stealing. Through deception. Mankind’s claim to dominion, however, is spiritually legal—ordained and purposed by Heaven.”



4.    What is Spiritual Law #13?

5.     “The presence of evil in the world makes life much more difficult for humans. But that doesn’t mean the devil can rule over you, personally. Each individual has dominion over their own life and certain areas in which they hold a spiritually legal authority.”

Name one area of your life where you have spiritual authority.

Do you feel you have utilized your dominion well?


6.    What is the SIN NATURE?

How can believers rid themselves of the SIN NATURE?

7.    The plan of salvation involved:

a. animal sacrifice

b. the sovereignty of God’s Word

c. the dominion of mankind

d. the blood of Jesus

e. all the above

8.    What is the definition of the word REDEEM?

9.    The payment for sin is _________________.

10.   Explain in your own words why Jesus had to come as a man.

11.  The devil often manages to get his work on the Earth accomplished through ____________.

12.  “Satan is bound by the dominion factor. Just as God locked himself out of the boardroom and will not do anything on the Earth without the consent and participation of a living human, so is the devil bound by mankind’s dominion and authority. He cannot do anything without a person’s permission.

Explain what this means in your life.


BONUS QUESTION: “Many people in our world today believe they are angry with a distant deity. They see God as the problem—not the answer—because, in their eyes, He is remote and uncaring. The world questions what they see as a lack of action from One who holds all power, and they ask, Why does God allow so much suffering in the world?”

What would you say to these people?

Relationship 3.0: Position, Authority, & the Blessing of Privilege

1.   Define POSITION.

2.   Greater authority does not mean greater worth. TRUE/FALSE

3.     There are seven principles of authority. List them below:

1. ____________________________________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________________________________


4. ____________________________________________________________________

5. ____________________________________________________________________

6. ____________________________________________________________________

7. ____________________________________________________________________

Have you been afraid of authority? Explain.

4.     What is FALSE AUTHORITY?

When have you ever seen false authority at work?

How did your experience with false authority formulate your outlook on life?

Have you had trouble accepting and abiding under authority? Explain.

5.  Describe SUBMISSION.

How have you previously defined SUBMISSION?

How did your thoughts on submission formulate your attitudes and beliefs about authority?

6.    Authority is necessary for order and harmony.” Describe the times when your life has been out of order.

Did you reject authority? Explain.

When did the correct authorities over your life fail you? Tell what happened.

7.    Name three things that you have some authority over:

1. __________________________________________

2. __________________________________________

3. __________________________________________

8.    Fill in the blanks below:

RIGHTEOUSNESS — a ____________ standing as a child of God

RIGHT-STANDING —  an _______________ fellowship with God, correct alignment with Heaven and with the Word of God; results in a working Relationship.

9.   Which requires the most responsibility? Why?

a) Being born-again

b) Relationship with Christ

10.   Write out John 14:13-14 and  Philippians 2:9-10 below, then write Spiritual Law #16.

Explain what they all have in common.

11. Circle all statements that are true:

a) Spiritual authority belongs to every believer whether or not they know it.

b) Many believers live in fear because they don’t realize that they have any power at all.

c) The devil does not have the right to do whatever he wants to do, whenever he wants to.

d) The devil cannot do anything without your permission.

e) All the above.

12. The name of Jesus gives us our authority, but it is the _________ of Jesus that cleanses us from sin and makes us righteous. The _________ was the payment that made Heaven’s plan for man possible.


BONUS QUESTION: Why is your inheritance (promise of eternal life) not enough to get you through?

Relationship 4.0: The Righteousness Dilemma

1.   The Apostle Paul expressed his frustrations about sin in Romans 7:15-20. What phrase in this text stands out to you the most?


2.     Debbie says that good works do not make us righteous, but righteousness should result in good works. Explain in your own words what this means.


3.    Write out Philippians 1:9-11 and Luke 6:45 below. What do these two passages have in common?


4.    The qualifying difference between being saved and being in genuine Relationship with God is _____________________________.  


5.    Circle the incorrect statement:  

a. The Kingdom of God has standards of righteousness.

b. The Bible tells us to do this, not that—and these are regulations of the Kingdom. 

c. Discipline in conduct is a sign we are in Relationship with the Lord.

d. There are certain expectations concerning citizens of Heaven.

e. Kingdom privileges have demands.

f. John 14:15 is an optional verse.


6.    In the epistles, the Apostle Paul often speaks of “freedom.” However, he is usually speaking of freedom from the Old Testament Law—not freedom from __________ or ___________. 


7.    What is the difference between BONDAGE TO SIN and WILLFUL SIN?


8.    We are responsible for our behavior, however we may feel. TRUE or FALSE


9.   “As believers and followers of Christ, our sins are paid in full. We don’t have to pay for our sins because Jesus paid. . . You couldn’t pay for your sins if you wanted to.”

Have you ever felt you were paying for your sins?

Describe what it means to get LIFE and GOD mixed up. Have you done this? 

Write out Spiritual Law #17:


10.   Circle the correct statement:

a. God will allow His children to suffer.

b. God will allow his children to go their own way.

c. God will honor your choices.

d. God will allow his children to stay away until they come back of their own will—and he won’t go out looking for them.  

f. God does not move.

h. All the above.


11.   Condemnation is the opposite of righteousness.

Righteousness is a statement of who _____ says you are; condemnation is a statement of who _____ __________ says you are.  

Write out Romans 8:1 and Proverbs 24:16 below. How do these passages describe a righteous person?


12.   What is the difference between SIN and WORKS?

How does God deal with sin? Write out 1 John 1:9 below.

How does God deal with works?



BONUS QUESTION: Debbie says that during her five-year spiritual pout, she thought she was waiting on God—but actually, He was waiting on her. Have you ever thought you were waiting on God, when perhaps He was waiting on you? 

Is He waiting on you now?


Our God is a God of Relationship!