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The Freedom Class is a sequence of seven steps that moves seamlessly from one step to the next. The completion of each step in the Series leads into the next step, and is built upon the foundation laid in the previous one. The seven steps are presented as separate “chapters,” and can be read as such. However, the content will not be as effective if read like a novel, but must be engaged. Most of the hands-on work happens in the Workbook, where the real change transpires.

All seven steps of The Freedom Class are available in the four volumes of the Armor Series. Although the content on the website is free, we realize some people had rather read and study with a book in hand. The breakdown of the content is as follows:

        Book One: Instead of Shame — 

             Debbie’s story; details emotional bondage; introduces The Freedom Class

        Book Two: Instead of Disgrace — 

             Step One: Truth

             Step Two: Relationship

        Book Three: A Double Portion —

             Step Three: Commitment

             Step Four: Endurance

         Book Four: Everlasting Joy —

             Step Five: Trust

             Step Six: Hope

             Step Seven: Obedience

             Final Chapter on Freedom

At this writing, Books Two, Three, and Four are pending publication. The free content will be placed on the website first, and the books will be published soon after—or rather, as soon as possible. The content on the site is the same content in the print books.



During the course of this study I will use some terminology which may be common to some but foreign to others. For the sake of clarity, here are a few:

The enemy: The devil, Satan.

The church: The body of Christ. This reference is not assigned to any one church group or individual church, or even a denomination. The church is the collective group of all true Christian believers on the Earth, regardless of nationality or denomination. 

Mankind: Humans, both men and women


The Word: The Bible. 

Freedom: Deliverance from a heart bondage. The word “freedom” used by believers can be associated with different things. For this Series, however, it is not a general term. In The Freedom Class, “freedom” refers to freedom from a heart bondage, or emotional freedom. The entire study is taught from that perspective.

Journey: The process of getting set free — going through the seven steps to freedom.



When I first began teaching The Freedom Class, some of my earliest students began having homework parties. Unbeknownst to me, they would get together on Sunday evenings in small groups, meeting in each others’ homes. They studied the material together, completing the portion of the Workbook assigned for that week. This kind of camaraderie makes for great fellowship and good times. (There is usually food involved, of course!) Participating in these small groups helped the students in various ways, forming friendships and accountability.

I strongly encourage having an advocate partner or group. If you see someone lagging behind, you can help give them a push, and if they see you struggling, they can offer you a word of encouragement. This is not only reasonable and fun, it’s scriptural! (Hebrews 10:24-25) Believers need other believers for fellowship and encouragement. 

Whether or not you are part of a study group or local Freedom Class, you will certainly benefit by having someone who can encourage you from time to time and who understands your ultimate goal. It will help if this person is also engaged in The Freedom Class. As one who now understands the definition of a heart bondage, you undoubtedly recognize heart bondages on many of the people you know, including friends. You may wish to invite them to join you as you take the seven steps to freedom. You will bless them, and you will be blessed by sharing your vision.

The mention of an advocate partner or participation in a group or class may threaten those who are concerned with sharing secrets of the past. But you do not have to share everything openly. There may be some things you wish to journal in your Workbook privately. If so, just make sure those pages are not available for view by others. (You may even decide to remove them from the Workbook and store them separately.) The main thing is to be honest with yourself and with God. No secrets there.

Whether or not you have the opportunity to join a local Freedom Class or have an advocate partner, you have every advantage. Just having the book and Workbook in hand—along with your Bible, of course—is enough to get you started on the right path. Simply understanding the heart bondage puts you way ahead of most people. 

When I began my own journey, I didn’t have the advantage of a book or a Workbook of any kind. I had my Bible, which was enough, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, who got the job done beautifully. But God has provided an easy (and probably quicker) way for you, through my experience.  

I have been careful to compose the Workbook just as I did the book, by duplicating my own experience as closely as possible. When I was in the process of walking through my own journey, I did a lot of soul searching. And out of that searching, I found some surprising things within myself that had to be dealt with, pushed out, trashed, rebuilt, embraced, overhauled or otherwise unloaded. You will discover much of the same. It is absolutely necessary that you face your issues with courage and deal with every single matter that arises from your heart so that you can receive the heart changes that will come. Keep praying. Oh, and one more thing—don’t rush the process. 



Before we begin, let’s affirm three things on which we must agree before we begin our journey. Concerning God’s Word, we must:

     1) Accept the Word of God

     2) Agree with the Word of God

     3) Align with the Word of God

If you can agree to do these three things, we can begin. You may not know how to do them now, just be willing. You have to know that the Word of God is the final authority. It is the source of all authority.

The process which leads to emotional freedom as set forth in the Word of God is so simple, anybody can get it. It may seem surreal to you now, but if you will commit yourself to the process presented here, there will come a time when your heart will be opened to a whole new way of thinking. You will have what is called a paradigm shift. Your perspective will change. You will view your circumstances differently, you will view your past differently, and most importantly of all, you will view your relationship with God differently. You will view yourself differently. 

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